Kaim just admitted to being a diaper fur.


Bird Azir

Anonymous said: Oh... She can't take it. Your fat friend can't take it even if she is such a slut. Or maybe she did that on purpose... Guess I'm all yours for now on :/

I’m sorry but take what??
I must retire to bed soon for I have a flight to catch at the ass crack of dawn.

I read about the Tim hortons and Burger King merger at work. WHY

Pumpkin spice latte go away

I hate you very much
And you taste bad
I’m going to see if I can just not work during the month of October

thinkingaboutbears said: Do you ever just sit down and seriously think about bears?

all the time

Anonymous said: You're like the 5th person on my dash posting stuff about anonymous asks.

cool, it must be anonymous ask day

(and you’re an active contributor! congratulations and let’s celebrate together)

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Anonymous said: No, seriously, what is wrong with you guys today?

I don’t know what you are talking about

you’re going to have to elaborate

also I’m not “you guys”, I’m just a single old man trying to survive on tumbles and blend in with the youngins

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Anonymous said: What the fuck is wrong with you?

who dis

are you roz’s friend